The point of the OP was actually not that I was confused and wanting people to help me type myself because I was new. I'm actually not that new. I had decided what I thought my type was through the best fit method and was posting my answers to show that I am an atypical INTP. I was hoping that my reasoning would be helpful to others, and that other people would help come up with explanations of their own. It kind of started out like this, but then evolved into me trying to prove myself and people telling me to figure myself out. (Not that re-examining my use of Fi wasn't helpful, because it helped me develop my cognitive function and tritype theory. But it wasn't really done in the spirit I wanted.) Only a couple of people argued with my actual reasoning, but I didn't hear anyone respond, "Oh that is so true! I never noticed that distinction between the types before, and now I can use it to type other INXP's." Which was my original intent. So I have to ask, do people think I'm just totally wrong and my reasoning is BS, or are people just unaware that this was my purpose? Because I fully intend to use myself as an atypical INTP and post some sort of guide to typing INXP's because of it.

*This is one of the main reasons I care so much about typing myself, is that I have actual opinions about this stuff which I'd like to be taken seriously, and I don't want people to assume I don't know what I'm talking about because I can't even accurately type myself.