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  • I am able to understand the feelings of others, however I prioritize reason.

    6 66.67%
  • I am able to understand the feelings of others, affect my judgments.

    0 0%
  • I am not able to understand the feelings of others.

    2 22.22%
  • I am not an NT.

    1 11.11%

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    Default People and feelings.

    NTs, just wondering how you guys direct your ability to empathize and relate to people.

    2nd option should say. I am able to understand the feelings of others, and allow them to affect my judgments. Sorry, it's late and I'm derping.

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    My response is mixed. I am able to understand the feelings of others only if the feelings are obvious, or I know the person well. In other cases, my assessment is likely to be wrong. I rely on reason in making judgments, in large part because it is the only thing I really can rely upon, since the feelings data often have a low confidence level.
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    How am I supposed to answer when it depends on different cases/situations. I may prioritize reason or I may let their feelings affect me or even both. And in some cases, I may never understand the other person's feelings. Although if you're polling NTs, there may be a bias towards the first answer just because it says "reason." But who's to say letting feelings affect you isn't a type of reasoning?

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    I create models of how other people's minds work within my own mind. These include, to some degree, their feelings. I refrain from trying to feel their feelings, however, because that would invade their privacy and make me feel filthy.

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