Do you find that when you've got a new toy, interest, fascination, or inclination, you wake up quite early despite going to bed very late?

This happens to me in what I perceive as a pattern. I'll get into a rut, and lose interest, and search for things to learn. At this time, I'll go to bed late, and sleep in.

Then I'll suddenly find something! Aha! And find myself at rapt attention for hours on end.

I'll go to bed late, and in the morning, probably around 6, 7 or so, I'll wake and find I can't get back to sleep, despite knowing that 4 hours of sleep really isn't enough to go on for a normal person. I do try to get back to sleep, but it's useless. I'm filled with energy!

I'll then start going to bed earlier and earlier before I get stuck into another rut.

I've always been a morning person, but I've seemed to develop this pattern.

Any tips on getting my brain off of my newest addiction, and back to sleep?

Similar experiences?