About Us and the Company:
This is a partnership based company consisting of another ENTP and myself, an INTP.

We are opening with a outsource approach to our project ideas. As outsourcing makes it so, you do not need to ever be in North America to qualify. However, we are located in Canada and will be branching out to rest of NA in the coming year.

About Project:
This is a huge project based-on outsourced jobs/management, no doubt. And there is enough funds to make it successful through marketing. A project similar to this project itself, will be marketed in Canada/USA/Europe through e-marketing.

This is just ONE project example out of a "128 project simulation list" (though a lot of them are duplications) we are going to be investing on (you will find out) thus there's no rooms for errors or immaturity.

We are looking for highly reliable, innovative, creative individuals/firms/companies across the globe.

Things to know before contacting:

-graphic designer+programmer(s) (Any types with abstract throughts)
-client development managers (ENTP)
-project analysis managers. (INTJ/ENTP/ENTJ)

-There are couple of surveys and tests you have to go through before you are chosen. We want to develop future relations with you or your company.
-Intellectuals are being preferred for some of the positions to be filled.

-We will not compensate anyone who wants to gain something just by doing bits and pieces of the work needed here. We do not intend to encourage any such behaviors.
--We are more open to a revenue sharing based model for the development compensation as we are looking for a permanent developer for future projects to come. If you do a good job, and are able to, we would love to have you as a developer partner for the company.

Revenues from all projects at the end of the year is based on proven models. We will not discuss revenues in detail here.

We will discuss further in private.

Thank you to, everyone who contacts me regarding this matter.

Project-demo idea: