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    INFJ female youtubers are very often INTPs.

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    Battling is the wrong word for sure, I just considered a lot of other possibilities before settling.

    Nonetheless, I had a similar issue typing as INTP, although my problem was that it took me a lot longer than others to really become self aware enough to type myself.

    I went through a wide varieties of typings, "certain" initially that I had to be a feeler despite, of the cognitive functions, really only relating at all to Ti. It didn't seem realistic to type as a NT type because, comparatively to the stereotypes, I'm pretty ok with the emotions of other (ie. I'm relatively considerate and I tend to adapt to expectation), I don't lack empathy, and I'm not constantly berated for being offensive. Realistically though, all my pitfalls fall in the range of a high Ti user and a lot of my upbringing really aided me in having the ability to deal with others emotions decently. I only realized this when I immediately lost the ability as soon as I didn't have to be lel (ie. it's not a natural talent of mine apparently). Anyhow, female socialization effects most women (though not all clearly), so it's not uprising that a female NT might not relate to some of the more extreme traits associated with NT types.
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