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    Default ENTPs, How Mechanically Inclined Are You?

    I know it may sound like a stupid question, but I know an ENTP who doesn't apparently have any interest in mechanical things.

    Are there any ENTPs with no interest in mechanical gadgets? Is this by choice?

    Do cultural gender roles play a part in your level of interests?
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    The stereotypical mechanical type is ISTP and even that's just a stereotype and nothing more. Many ISTPs have no interest in mechanical things whatsoever.

    Overall, I would think ISTP would be more mechanically inclined than ENTP. Mechanical gadgets are concrete physical objects, which I think is more in the S domain.

    I wonder if people think ENTPs are supposed to be mechanical because they have the 'inventor' label. Some ENTPs probably do invent mechanical gadgets but inventing can also be in terms of abstract ideas and some ENTPs don't invent at all.

    Regarding gender, I think males are more encouraged to develop interest in mechanical things than females.
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    I don't know if I'm "mechanically inclined" but I do love gadgets and technology and finding out how things work (mechanical or otherwise). When I was a kid I'd have little bits of stuff like batteries and wires and pieces of metal that I'd build hand-held fans or flashlights or mechanical pulley systems out of.

    As I grew older, though, I think the propensity to tinker was eclipsed by what I felt was a pull to develop interpersonal relations (being cool vs. being a nerd). Maybe that was because I'm a female and, socially, things are a bit different for us than males in our formative years.

    Is the ENTP you're talking about a lady?

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    I do nearly all of my own vehicle maintenance and repairs. Sometimes I get into it and it's fun, but I'd usually rather be doing something else. I generally only do it because I can do it better than a paid professional and for a much lower cost. (So why pay a professional? )

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    Interest in gadgets =/= mechanical inclination

    I'm pretty horrible at actually working on things hands-on. My interest is pretty purely theoretical, not as much with actually building things and taking them apart. So it really depends on how you are determining a lack of interest in the mechanical.

    There's probably gender role tendencies with, and simply differences in raising, like while I got away with some interests that weren't "girly" I didn't have legos and other kits of the sort around, and was watched too much to get away with much environmental tinkering.

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    I used to build gadgets at young age 5-10, lots of projectile prototypes [miniature catapults that could throw lit fireballs [rocks wrapped in paper and soaked in gasoline], bows, crossbows], other random stuff I'd picture in my mind or copy from somewhere, like this funfair entertainment consisting of an osculating board with a pathway filled with holes, meant to be navigated with spheres for getting a prize.
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