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From what you are describing, SJ women are enjoying the ENTP's bafoonery while you are picking up his shit. I guarantee you that if they were the ones responsible for the clean up, there would a lot less laughter going on around.

And I'm guessing the INTP gets lunches because he looks scruffy and neglected so the SJ women feel kind of sorry for him and hook the poor bastard up.
To be honest, I am not really that irritated by taking up some of the ENTPs duties, at least not yet anyway, he is generally not lazy. I like it when he goes away for a while, I find it hard to think clearly in his presence with all that bafoonery going on. The INTP does look scruffy and hungry, that is true lol, but they do seem rather happy (happier than I expected anyway) to kind of care for and mother him.

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Outside of work and outside of shallow friendships -- I get along extremely well with my INTP dad. We're both very well balanced (I have a lot of Ne, he has a lot of Fe), we're great at brainstorming together, and we're pretty much the best research team anywhere: Ti thoroughness + Te action.
INTPs and ESTJs seems to make a great team in general I have noticed, especially in marriages and work situations. ESTJs moreso than just about any other type, just seem to naturally have what INTPs needs to develop well.

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I don't have a problem with SJs, but I do have a problem with NJs!
I am not surprised. I have almost never seen NTPs and NJs relate well with each other in the long term. NTJs and NTPs often seem to eventually lose all respect for each other.