My INTP / INFJ (he usually gets INTP) boyfriend of 3 years decided to break up with me four weeks ago. I haven't spoken to him since. His reason was because 'he wasn't sure if he loved me' and was wondering if he could be happier on the other side. He seemed pretty unsure of his decision at first and seemed really upset when I told him I needed some space on my own after when he tried to contact me.

Towards the end of the relationship he got really withdrawn, and was talking to another girl for 5 months.. I did ask him if it was because of her that he wanted to end it, but he said it wasn't, and stopped talking to her for a while. He has resumed contact with her again.

I know there isn't a definite guarantee to get him back, but he seemed really upset initially, my friends once spotted him hanging about the coffee joint he knows i frequent , and seemed really hurt when i returned him all his things.. so I'm just wondering if there is a chance for me to reconcile with him, and how i should go about doing it