I decided not to put a poll on this thread because there are too many different questions. I made this thread because there are a lot of threads made for the purpose of rants and I would like to explore their motives. This is mostly for survey. All adjectives are subject to subjectivity.

1) What type(s) is easiest for you to rant on?

2) What type(s) is funnest for you to rant on?

3) What type(s) gives the best reaction to your rant?

4) What type(s) gives the worst reaction to your rant?

5) What type(s) gives the funniest reaction to your rant?

6) What type(s) would you never (or least) rant on?

7) What type(s) do you endlessly rant on unconciously?

Feel free to add your own rant survey questions and answer them.