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    Quote Originally Posted by Riva View Post
    I meant with friends not with me :P.


    You're curiosity directed at that one particular type and that particular point I made, made me suspect you were obviously a 5w4.
    I figured.

    Though I hoped you might have deduced it from my general awesomeness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mycroft View Post
    I'm curious about Type 1 INTJs. Ni is, in description, the function that should be most in-tune to the relativity of things, and best at seeing things from a variety of perspectives, whereas Type 1s... struggle with this. To put it diplomatically.
    I usually agree with you, but not here. (Then again, I am probably biased.)

    Here's how my perfectionism works -- since everything is relative, you can define a use for any given framework. The goal when interacting with the world is to choose the framework with maximum utility. This isn't to say that all frameworks besides the most efficient one are shitty -- they're just... worse.

    I don't judge people for evaluating utilities of frameworks differently (at least not explicitly or consciously) because I know their definition of utility is predicated on different assumptions than mine is.

    The thing I do apply across the board, though, is that anything besides maximizing utility is wrong.

    I am quite good at seeing things from multiple perspectives because I assume people are maximizing their utility. Given that assumption, all I have to do to see a different perspective is come up with some assumptions that would make a person's actions be the "best".

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