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    I cannot support him, for several reasons, one of which is his disdain for environmental regulation. Have you seen the movie Gasland? We need more regulation of industry if the massive abuses exposed in that film are any indication, which they are (the film deals with fractal drilling for natural gas in all over rural America). Unless gov't legislation is enacted and enforced, there is no counterbalance to the human tendency to destroy everything in pursuit of money. we have an imperfect system now, but throwing it out will only feed greed even more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beefeater View Post
    You're absolutely right about the Republican party. Ron Paul has virtually stood alone for 30 years voting against government expansion and waste while others have just paid lip service. His vote has not been bought and won't be bought at this point. Lobbyists don't even bother talking to him. I think the grand total of lobbyist donations he received last year was $300. At the same time he regularly returns over $100k in unused office funds every year. He also is not accepting the lucrative congressional pension plan. The man is virtually incorruptable. It will take someone with his moral authority to shame both dems and repubs in congress and lead them in the direction of true fiscal conservativism and a balanced budget.
    Intresting, thanks for the background info. Well I stick with my opinion, I like him too .

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