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I classify myself as an ENTP. One of my biggest problems in life, which comes a lot from my type, is that I like to deal with the abstract, future, and theory. I am not "for" jumping out there and getting too involved in life, or the moment, and am often living in the theory of what hasn't happened yet. This has led to a few problems. I neglect the moments in my life that bring me tons of joy, like spending time with friends and family, having an adventure, and just living, because I am very independent and enjoy the times I can do my own thing and not get too wrapped up in the moment.

The same personality characteristic mentioned above, also causes laziness ony my part. I can get frustrated with situations, get caught up in my own thing, or just stop trying because I am really not a "doer" but more of an "inventor", and neglect the chores in my life that need to be done. ...

I reason that a lot of these problems stem from my emphasis on the N characteristic.
I think you're misattributing type to characteristics you dislike. There are plenty of lazy, unfocused people in the world, across all types. ... Not that I don't enjoy sitting on my keister, but I'm an ENTP who works hard, for instance. My INTJ husband does, too.