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    Quote Originally Posted by celesul View Post
    It's very annoying. In high school, I was the smart one, so either I was the one being a pain and saying that, or I shot them down easily. Now, at college, I've often struggled with things, and I find it very annoying when someone refers to a class as trivial. Eh, here, almost everyone eventually finds their limit. One of my friends and I were discussing when people will hit their limit. Umm... the assumption here is that people will. In a way, this is nice, because all of the overconfident people get a bit of a kicking. On the other hand, so do the people who could use more confidence.
    Can you clarify what you mean by finding your limit. Are you suggesting that most people will find things that they just won't be able to intellectually grasp? Is the limit based on one's intellectual limit or do you see it as more psychological? That is, a person could grasp it if they really wanted to but it would take a good deal of effort and the student just claims he or she can't do it?
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    I don't think I can think of a situation where that wouldn't be annoying to anyone. And it's funny, because despite that, it is my experience that it's a very quick mentality people adopt when they are feeling confident about their knowledge of something.

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    I don't really notice when someone else thinks it's easy. I'm only annoyed if people think/imply that a success is due to some innate ability, that I just had good luck or something and didn't work for it.
    Eg. I got the good grade because I'm smart, because I'm a woman and the university favours them, because I was lucky with the questions. Never mind that I studied hard for it... When I work hard for something, I'm a bit pissed off if people brush it off as me being lucky or talented.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mujigay View Post
    Frustrates the @#!*% out of me. I always have to feel competent, so when I'm not, I get irrationally angry at people who are and feel the need to be condescending over it. It's like, "Screw you. You're cocky now, but if we were doing anything else I swear to God you'd be the one asking me for help."

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    I've always been aware of the fact that I have no talents in really anything. The only reason I get good at anything is by putting in a lot of hard work. If I hear someone say something is easy, I assume they either aren't aware of the work they actually had to put into it, they knew enough related knowledge that connecting it together was easy for them in this case, or they are trying to make it look like they have some kind of higher intelligence. Intelligence is relative to experience, so if I think it's them thinking they have a higher intelligence, it bothers me, and I decide I don't want to be around them anymore. Otherwise, I might aim to find out why they said that, but it won't bother me. This could mean I could ask them questions I have on things and they might be able to help me as well.

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    Whenever I hear it I take it as a challenge and do my level best to up my competence level until said activity really is 'so easy'.
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    Original Poster said that anyone could join in.

    It bothers me; it seems rude and offensive. It sounds like, "Boy are you stupid/incompetent." Once I'd been on the receiving end of this gem of interpersonal behavior a couple of times, I've avoided doing it to anyone.

    Maybe the people saying that are having a bad day and need to feel special.
    Maybe they're trying to encourage us to keep trying because very soon we'll see why they're saying it's so easy.

    There now, that's my moment of being all adult and understanding.

    If being very annoyed by the "it's so EEEEAAsy" is especially characteristic of NT, then maybe a lot of my typing puzzle has been filled in.
    By the way, I'm studying all of you.
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