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    Default I've already looked at this picture, where's the next one?

    I'm tired of the city I live in. I'm going to move and I don't really want to see anyone here ever again( or atleast for a long time). I know practically everyone(if not most)of the people that live here and my relationships with them aren't bad or anything...there just....not what I would define as true friendships; very repetitive. Nobody truly understands my outlook on life and everyone here is either self-centered or just can't see the bigger picture. I've tried to explain my thoughts/feelings to people in order to obtain some sort of stronger bond or purpose here, but all they do is stare at me blankly like I'm speaking fucking dolphin or something. I think this portrait has been painted, but who's to say for sure. All I know is that it needs to be repainted.

    I'd like it if you share'd your thoughts/experiences if you have gone through something of a similar sort. Or your opinion on the matter of feeling that you belong elsewhere, relating to people, and being misunderstood entirely.

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    Want my advice? Don't fall for the grass is greener on the other side feeling if your life is 'ok' (not special enough is not bad at least). Because chances are you'll be equally dissappointed on the other side of the fence. Use your home as your safe base, you've a life there, it's nothing special but it's a living, and go seek more elsewhere without completely cutting yourself from this life. Take a vacation, or get a new hobby, moving alltogether will probably prove to be more of the same.

    I know the feeling of wanting to move all to well. The whole idea of starting over fresh is a common feeling in us INTP's. We get bored easily with all that is known to us and are compelled to seek out the unknown. The unknown has a voice and it calls to us like sirens. But unless your current life is shit, instead of ok but nothing special, moving completely is probably not a good idea. Instead try and see what you can change without making too big of a descision.
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    moving won't solve anything, trust me I done it a lot of times. Not sure how old you are but I just don't deal with people anymore. Never speak to anyone, I don't even try to have friendship cause at the end I'll feel everything you listed above.

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    Taking the opposing view, I'd say moving can't really hurt. A change of scenery could be nice. It does seem like starting fresh every now and then is common in INTPs. I plan to do that every so often once I really hit my stride in adulthood. Find a city or town that looks interesting and go there, experience new things, meet new people. Probably visit first.

    I think a change in locale won't just magically fix the feeling of being left out; in fact, the new kid is usually the one nobody understands. What it will do is give you a new chance to make first impressions. Maybe you will find meaningful connections and maybe you won't. Seems to me like the worst you'll do by trying is waste a little time and probably money.
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    Moved just about every 5yrs of my life due to similar feelings. My advice? Do it. Torugh my moves I grew more independant, self willed and stronger in my self esteem. Theres something about ditching an old life and seeking a new one fearlessly that is good for the soul. Sure i've fallen on my ass several times but I picked myself up too. Those falling on my arse moments built my character and gave me belief in my own ability to make my life work. When you've started from scratch more than once you have no fear of failing, you already knows what happens when you do.

    In my book living a safe yet dull life is the worst thing that can happen to you. It's the makings of a mid-life crisis par excellence and deep regrets you take to the grave. So far I've managed to follow every dream and personal interest and I'm not even halfway to dead.

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