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    I always thought Gore was an INTP. His Si function demonstrates a capacity to deal well with details and examples. What he sucks at is Fe - shared demonstrations of emotion. I once saw him give the speech dedicating the holocaust museum and it was painful to watch - but good guy, clearly strategic intellect - I'd go with INTP.

    That said, I am an ENTP with F tendencies. In the end, I want to learn about the world and organize that learning into perhaps bizarre theories and patterns. Over time, I have learned to delve deeply into things and have found many previous conceptions to not bear the test of experience and the data. I have a nimble mind and am always game-planning possibilities.

    However, I have found that, whenever things have gone successfully for me, there are a group of people who think that I have found success because I've been doing things for the right reasons and people who insist that I am a self-interested egomaniac who uses deception, subterfuge, and scheming for my own unholy ends.

    I tend to find that any success I have is due more to a genuine desire to innovate things to be better than they are and the strategic vision to see them through. Often, I have to go out on an unpopular limb to support or carry out a course of action against great criticism, only to be ultimately redeemed when things work out.

    Do I have the ability to think coldly strategically, you bet. Can I outsmart situations and people, yeah. But I tend to use those in service of others - and dislike manipulating people. I rather try to use logic - something which I used to do with less attention to people's emotions but I have learned that its better to pay attention to those.

    I feel like people knock ENTPs because they have amazing abilities - they also have great flaws - absent mindedness and an ability to take care of themselves being up there. That said, I completely believe an ENTP has the ability to act nobly, largely because they can see a vision larger than themselves. The trick is learning to commit to that vision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabe View Post
    Non-Machevelian ENTPs:

    Al Gore
    Thomas Edison
    Gore is ENTJ. And he is machiavellian. This whole global warming thing....

    It's gotten a bit out of hand -- what more could an ENTJ wish for?

    What about Richard Feynman? If no one's mentioned him, I wanna.
    we fukin won boys

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    i score 83 High Mach eeek

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    My mom is an ENTP and she worked on civil rights law and creating more fair housing regulation.
    Richard Feynman was a groundbreaking physicist and an ENTP.
    The teacher who changed my life was an ENTP.
    I've know many ENTPs and Machiavellian isn't a word I would use to describe them. Maybe brilliant, creative, explorers who stop the world from becoming stale by finding new ways of looking at it. Hope that helps.
    Oerkiltron says:
    What is life but a series of inspired follies? The difficulty is to find them to do. Never lose a chance: it doesn't come every day.

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    As an ENTP I can definitely say that I am not Machiavellian. Sure, I am cunning, and constantly "scheming", but I am not unscrupulous. If I do well in life, it is because I deserved getting to that point. I think that in general, ENTPs are too people friendly to be Machiavellian.
    Obviously there will be exceptions to the rule, but all in all, I think that a misanthropic ENTP will act more like Gregory House than anything(one) else.

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    Being Machiavellian is WAAAY too much work.

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    I hate to kick a dead stump, but I suspect ENTPs can frequently be misobserved as being very Machiavellian. The problem seems that we can clump people into groups like "Us" and "Them", and we view "Them" as little more than chewtoys and tools for our grand schemes. At least, that's how it seems to me. I can be very manipulative and sneaky and machiavellian, but it's generally due to some greater motivation or cause that most people are completely blind to. Oh, and you can ask my friends, I frequently complain about how much I hate people. I've even explained to friends that they're not people, explicitly because people are idiots. So, yeah.

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    Non-machiavelian ENTP?

    As INTP I can do spells of ENTP without The Prince. It has proved to be a disaster before I understood about the Guards.
    Freud is 80% fraud, all except the E for Ego
    The difference between the Psi Cops (psychiatrists)
    and the Psi Corps (psychologists) is the R for Relationship.


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    Quote Originally Posted by oberon View Post
    Being Machiavellian is WAAAY too much work.
    I think that's it exactly. I have friends who have admitted they suspect I spend my alone time in an underground lair laughing maniacally and plotting world domination. I've explained that I can scheme, and I can plot but being totally ruthless takes too much energy.

    And what would I do with the world once I got it? After a week I'd get bored, stop taking it for walks, and forget to feed it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowrose View Post
    Oh, and you can ask my friends, I frequently complain about how much I hate people. I've even explained to friends that they're not people, explicitly because people are idiots. So, yeah.
    That sounds exactly like my son's attitude. And yes, he's ENTP.

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    I find this thread hilarious - I've known I was XNTP for a while, but everyone has always seen me as sweet, charming, lovable, funny, etc. What I've always known they don't realize is that it's all part of my hugely devious plans of making good impressions, forging useful contacts, and getting guys. The sad part is that it's completely conscious on my part. Lately I've been more extroverted, and my favorite pastime is discussing my latest schemes for winning over this guy, and plotting against my enemies, et cetera. My closest friends say I'm the most devious person they know. And it's true. I really do think it's an ENTp thing. I agree with Nocap: We're all the brains, without the conscience.

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