So, as the title suggests, I need advice. I just started college, and am running into the same problem I've been having since elementary: motivation. Not just in school work but in the areas of self-improvement and being social I have problems doing what I plan on doing. I might plan to do something that sounds interesting, like join the rocket club, or the judo club, but it's hard for me to get motivated enough to follow through, the same thing with studying (this may be obvious but I don't have problems studying or working on things I'm already intensely interested in). Also, I have problems sticking with things even after I'm motivated to start them. What I'm asking for is a little advice from more world weary NT's (or any type who has something to say) about not only making yourself do what you need to do, but become interested in it. I really want to succeed academically, and I'm open to anything really.