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    Default ENTPs, what are your thoughts on ENFPs?

    I've dated an INTJ, an INTP, and an ENTJ, but never an ENTP. To be honest, I really don't know a lot about my "Thinker" counterparts-- at least, not to the extent that I've learned about the other NTs.

    Recently, I've met a lovely ENTP male. I can't help but be attracted to him; he's intelligent, witty, kind, charming and of course, hilarious. He's very flirtatious, and he constantly contacts me, wanting to know how my day was, to share some insight or new discovery, or debate. He's fun, and he's also the type of guy that could sweep any woman off their feet. I don't know though, I feel as though I'm merely one of many. He's playful and loud and mischievous-- so much like me in many ways, and it's something I've never experienced to this extent with other NTs.

    I recently got out of an emotionally draining relationship, and I've been feeling quite reserved and withdrawn, which is quite unlikely. Mr. Lovely-ENTP has asked me out, and I politely declined his offer, explaining the situation but letting him know that I would absolutely love to when the time is right and that I hoped he wouldn't forget about me. He assured me that he couldn't, but I have my doubts about that.A dynamic, charismatic, intelligent character such as himself has no trouble attracting women, and he loves adding another notch to his bedpost.

    I guess I'm worried that by the time I feel ready to hit the dating world again, whether it be in search of a long term, committed relationship leading to more, or a casual fling, that'll he'll have grown bored of me.

    Anyway, seeing as I have no experience with ENTP males, I want to know about your experiences with ENFPs- particular emphasis on friendship and romantic relations.

    Would you say that these types truly are significantly similar?
    What are the differences that one should be aware of that could be cause for misunderstanding?
    What do you like about ENFPs? (What makes them great partners/friends?) What do you dislike about ENFPs?
    What have your relationships with ENFPs been like? Would you say that they started out with fireworks and quickly fizzled, as others have said? Did you grow bored of one another?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    ENFP's in general are endlessly entertaining and busting with natural charm. A relationship between the two would probably be a blast until reality came a knockin'. Example: I was going to try and convince and ENFP girl that I know to dress up as Marilyn Monroe and sing at my birthday party, but during the conversation she told me I had a "good heart" and I got distracted trying to make sure she wasn't planning on harvesting my organs to sell on the black market.
    You can't spell "entropy" without "ENTP".

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    This is my personal experience:

    conflict conflict conflict

    Being judged, judging them.

    Immature Te judges Father Ti and immature Fe judges Father Fi.

    I don't get along with NFPs in general - I feel they judge me and hold some grudge and it's terrible. Absolutely terrible.

    My experience (very limited unlike the ENFP one) with ISFP is OK, ENFJs are fabulous (!) - I know 2, one great ESFJ.

    I'd say the Fi appearing egoistic and terribly judgmental and the immature Te dogmatic/aggressive/immature.

    I know I am supposed to answer with a positive affirmation to a Fi post but I wonder if being NTP is ever OK with ENFPs. Not the ones I know.

    ENFPs are great fun and that's it. I would never give my heart to an ENFP - she'll break it, that's for certain.

    EDIT: I know (from xp) that if I post some obviously fake possitive comment you'll like me and buy it. When I say what I really think you'll get offended even if this requires much more from me. The old NF vs NT thing This is 1 more reason I lose respect and respect is important. I'd rather spend time with somebody I respect than somebody I like.

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