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    Default Whats a good creative hobby/activity for an INTJ

    It seems trite to me certain types are better suited to certain activities, I would like to do something I can excel at. Being an INTJ I can appreciate certain categories of art with my intuition, but otherwise the whole expression with colour and texture, I can only imagine mastering in a rather rudimentary way.

    I can sometimes be quite gifted at finding the right phrase to express my thoughts, so perhaps something to do with writing could be something good to go into... But I was just wondering what else might be out there, that I haven't thought of, that I could enjoy and eventually be quite good at (hopefully).
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    I'd believe the mind processing of the INTJ would put them on advantage towards more specified hobbies, perhaps a little less broad in certain areas. Simple hobbies to stimulate the given mental state such as chess or stuff-making could work. Choosing something you wish to master yourself in.

    You could try yourself a number of different hobbies for a bit of diverse fun.

    Taken from a website:

    • Knitting
    • Stamp or coin collecting
    • Ceramics
    • Gardening
    • Model railroads
    • Woodworking
    • Crafts
    • Genealogy
    • Computer use
    • Theatre
    • Painting
    • Scrap booking
    • Needlepoint
    • Drawing
    • Comic books
    • Bird watching
    • Aquariums

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    I suck at "art". I tried drawing, painting, even graphics design in college and the work I came up with was absolute shit compared to everybody else.

    The one thing I AM good at though is writing. I have my creative writing major (aka useless degree) but it was something I excelled at. It should also be known that I lie...ALOT. Only to a few certain people do I try to be completely honest with. But being good at lying has 'helped' me be able to come up with bullshit stories or to fabricate non-ficiton stories to make it much more interesting.

    I've always been hands-on with alot of the things I do, so you could try anything that works your mind and allows you to be physical at the same time. Try making something of value to you.

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    A suggestion - might be cooking, something technical without having the free flow of drawing and painting, where the artistry is in the technical skill rather than more abstract.

    Perhaps a specific type of cooking, like Indian or Persian (jewelled rice - super yummy) or maybe pastry or chocolate etc

    Or photography - again technically skilled more than physical skill of painting or drawing

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    My NTJ friends enjoy photography, cooking, baking and one even enjoys fanfic writing.

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