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    Pool cleaners. Something about them feels ominous.

    Street sweepers. This is because I used to forget to park my car on the driveway the night before street sweepers came. I would always wake up to the sound of them coming around the corner of the house at 5 A.M. and have to leap out of my bed and run outside to beg them not to give me a ticket (never worked, always got a ticket). As a result of this happening 10 or so times over the course of several months, I have now unintentionally conditioned myself to experience extreme adrenaline rushes to the sound of street sweepers. My pulse skyrockets without me doing a thing.

    Sunrises after I've pulled an all-nighter. I cannot deal with it. I have to find something to cover my face and block out the light until the sky has fully transitioned to day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sil View Post
    Pool cleaners. Something about them feels ominous.
    This is such a legit fear and I am glad I'm not alone

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