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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmie Dearest View Post
    This annoys me considerably. I see this a lot in INTx especially - pretentious verbosity with paltry content, and managing to even fool some people that they're saying something important because of word choice.
    Some INTx's (esp. younger ones) can be so enamored of their own intelligence that they forget actual achievement is the main thing: potential takes you only so far. I know INTPs can be prone to intellectual dilettantism: flitting from one interest to another and picking up just enough jargon to sound like they know what they are talking - until they come face to face with a genuine expert. These types will try to intellectually lord it over others to reinforce their own inflated sense of intellect.
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    I know an ENFP irl with a learning disability that did poorly in school and joined the military to fund his higher education that he is currently struggling to make decent grades in. His vocabulary is pretty elementary and he struggles to articulate his ideas, but he is very generous and creative. I would choose his company over most any day, however the point is --no he is not of exceptional or even average intelligence by typical standards. I've also interacted with one INFJ female that struck me as very... clueless and simple but that could be age.
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