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    The number one rule with this stuff is that you decide what type you are. Tests can be used as tools to guide you, but are never absolute or definitive. You have to read all the different type descriptions and see which ones you relate to most to really understand what type you are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veneti View Post
    Sorry, I don't rate this test at all. With all these tests there leads to quite a confusion as each one has an error rate which means if you do a whole bunch of tests you can end up with a whole load of types being yours.

    Like, I can test INTJ INTP and ENTP depending on what test I take and on what site.

    Personally, I think the questions on this site you reference are too vague, and don't specifically identify the defining traits that well.
    The point wasn't to have the test tell you your type... it was to find out which cognitive functions you have a strong preference for, and to serve as a spring board for figuring out your type on your own, which is what I always suggest.

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