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Thread: ENxP - T or F?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerd Girl View Post
    Give me the keys and step aside! lol. Yeah, I identify with you wanting to learn on your own. I do really like learning from people that are on the cutting edge of technology; confess all of your nerdy little secrets. I was thinking about what nicodemus_au said, "I don't like being proven wrong or feeling foolish, and will pretend to know more knowledge than I have rather than reveal my ignorance." I don't think I do that. Do you do that? I brainstorm and ramble on about stuff, so it may appear I know more than I know, but it's not intended to be smoke & mirrors. I seriously want to know if I'm inaccurate about the connections I've made.
    I've done this a bit in the past. It's an ego thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicodemus_au View Post
    Good lord! I am an ENTJ. I know who I am - splendid! Thank you, everybody, particularly InvisibleJim and Nerdgirl, for their perceptive remarks, and Allegorystory for the Dutch Uncle article!

    All praise to the Great One! All praise to me! Bow down before me planets! Bow down stars! Bow down whole galaxies and worship the Great One! The me! The great, all powerful me!

    (Exits stage left, singing "Tomorrow belongs to me".)
    Cool, glad you figured it out!

    And uh, sorry for the thread derail earlier....

    I'm especially sorry now that I know you're ENTJ!
    <backs away slowly>

    (I gotta admit, though, your humor seems ENTP to me, maybe you're a hybrid....)

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    OK, so are these common ENTJ traits?

    (I'm largely talking about school, because I've been essentially living my shadow self since then.)

    Quirky, highly individualist and nonconformist: very much the class eccentric.

    Something of a chameleon - I'll gleefully play different personalities (not self-dramatising my emotions, but amusing myself and others); often very impish and mischievous - I'm something of a joker. Life is serious; how I deal with it isn't.

    Excitable; easily distractible; somewhat hyperactive. Definitely impulsive, and tend to act on the spur of the moment. Irreverent and constantly pushing the boundaries - I liked the structure of school, although also found it rather pompous and didn't take house or school spirit particularly seriously (to the consternation of a lot of earnest types), and got bored and depressed during holidays without the stimulation, but it was something to define myself against. I was the scruffy type - tie very loose and under my left ear, hair tousled. I had a competition with 4 friends to see who could be the most nonconformist.

    Quite mature in some ways (intellectually), very immature in others (socially / emotionally)

    Unrealistic, disorganised, impractical and vague; VERY absent-minded. Tendency to procrastinate - when I sit down to write an essay, I tend to surf the net for 3 hours first, and when writing, will flit between writing a paragraph and browsing the web. Part of the reason why I wrote my uni essays so early may have been because I was isolated, and so had nothing to do - at school, I was more the sort of person who would start writing an essay due on Monday - on Sunday afternoon. I'm not scheduled, and my plans tend to be dot points or sentences hastily scribbled down on an envelope, rather than anything particularly detailed (and I'll ignore most of them anyway) - I'll often just plunge in and start writing.

    A brain that is a cross between Monty Python, the Goon Show, and Dr. Who - absurdist, plays with ideas and language, enthusiastic, generally optimistic except under stress, extremely mischievous and irreverent, rather cynical and sceptical. Buzz with ideas; tend to run at the mouth. Tend to make witty cryptic comments or give impromptu lectures on anything that interests me.

    Not a natural leader; come across as a lot more confident than I actually am; rather insecure, partly due to extreme clumsiness, social awkwardness, being academically way ahead of my peers at primary school; will often take a back seat and get lost in my thoughts; more easygoing than not, but am hard-working and conscientious (says he, sitting at work, writing this and browsing the forums when he should be doing something else...) I'm certainly not goal-driven!

    Want to be either a detective story or a comic writer; in my own writing, I value ingenuity and playing the devil's advocate (aren't I CLEVER?), rather than being deep and meaningful. Keep thinking of novel methods of murder (particularly impossible crimes) involving anything from shower heads and rose bushes to explosives and glass eyes. (Whether they would actually be practical is a different matter!) I thought it would be a brilliant idea if the headmaster were given a bomb in his breakfast, so that he would explode during school assembly, spraying his innards all over the Year 7s. (Why am I obsessed with things blowing up?)

    Have a highly perverse sense of humour (in case you hadn't guessed) - likely to talk about cannibalism, tooth fetishism, artificial exploding kneecaps, insane necrophiliac multimillionairesses who keep frozen blue dead men in fridges, witchcraft, the sign of the Satanists, and the fact that the Loch Ness Monster is the heir to the throne of France (it's not a plesiosaur, it's the Dolphin).

    At school: wanted to appear Mephistophelean and sinister; spent the day talking with a Norwegian accent. Persuaded my friends that my Great-Uncle Augustus believed he was the reincarnation of Napoleon, and was drowned in an ornamental birdbath by his third wife. Lived in Belgium as a kid, and when I returned to Australia, convinced most of the students in my class that I was a mysterious foreigner; got in trouble with my geography and maths teachers for wilfully using French notation ("1,5", "1.000.000").

    Very good at satire and pastiche, but I have a bad habit of not taking things seriously. At school, I got into trouble with English teachers for (among others) writing a personalised response to "Lord of the Flies" that featured Biggles as a racist pederast and an S&M scene for Ralph & Jack; when told to do some creative writing over the weekend, I gave the teacher 30 pages of murderous black comedy, instead of the 3 she'd expected (she hadn't specified any limit); wrote as a 4 Unit English work a study of a non-existent writer, Georji Slugrobes, a tribute to Borges, a spoof of academic theory, and extreme black comedy that would have had me excommunicated if I'd been a Catholic; and submitted a libel of the headmaster to a gallery of students' work. Not to mention taking another English teacher at his word when he urged us to write backwards... Unfortunately, this carries through to work as well - I got roused on at a previous job at a government department for submitting a report that stated that a Centrelink debtor (who had told a clerk that his guardian angel spoke through him and would destroy his enemies) was a dangerous criminal lunatic, and so, rather than having his debt waived, he should be taken away by the nice men in white coats and given electroshock therapy; in an attempt to analyse his complex, I brought in Jung and Freud (largely made up from memory - probably repressed, and what about Leonardo buggering a vulture?).

    Devil's advocate; will take a contrary opinion for the sake of being contrary - when asked in English what we valued most, half the class said "religion" (it was an Anglican private school); I promptly said that religion was the thing I disliked most in the world (and was able to defend my point too - St Bartholomew's Day and the iniquities of Calvin are always good to fall back on!). Telling the school sacristan when he had a pointy thing in his hand that the Archbishop of Canterbury had disavowed the divinity of Jesus was probably a bad idea.

    So am I still an ENTJ?

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    OK, test results (based on an average of the Personality Max and Similar Minds tests):
    E: 74.5%; I: 25.5%
    N: 68.5%; S: 30.5%
    T: 60.8%; F: 39.2%
    P: 72.4%; J: 27.6%


    Of course, a lot of it depends on what questions are asked, how one interprets them, and how well one knows oneself (and whether I'm stressed or not). According to one test, it's T 58% and P 89%, according to another it's T 64% and P 56%. I must be either well-rounded or schizoid. The latter's more interesting. But I'm happy with ENTP. From what I've read, it's a closer fit than ENFP or ENTJ (although complicated by a highish proportion of F and J).

    It would have been nice to be in a minority, but the goal/career-driven, ultra-decisive, alpha male ENTJ didn't sound much like me! I started my first permanent job on Monday - and I'm 28. I've considered (at various stages) natural history, palaeontology, acting, computer game design, archaeology, advertising, linguistics, being a tour guide, theatre directing, scriptwriting, being an English professor, being a History professor, and teaching - and my plans change every other month. In fact, the only thing I know that I want to do for certain is to write. (Same thing with my thesis, actually - I've changed the argument seven times in the last 18 months, and, with a month to go, I'm still coming up with ideas, and having to do lots of rewriting.)

    I'm also not very punctual as a rule, although having two Js as parents has helped, although I still tend to leave for appointments with five minutes to spare, and go out for a half hour lunch only to find that I've been out of the office for an hour and a quarter - and this happens every day... In fact, this very evening, I was supposed to be picked up by an ISFJ at a quarter to six. This had been arranged at about twenty past. As soon as I'd put the phone down, I not only forgot what time we were supposed to have met, but all sense of time until five past six, when I got an irate phone call from the ISFJ wanting to know why they'd been sitting in the car on a cold winter's night for the last twenty minutes. Oops.

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