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    Default INTJ/ESTP Marriage

    Have any INTJs on here dated an ESTP or married one? What do you think of us I'm currently married to a INTJ and we are pretty compatible so far. We rarely argue or fight.

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    Been in touch with an ESTP female for seven going on eight years now and we've never had a single argument or fight either. Not even a slight disagreement for that matter. One thing I find tricky to deal with though is her mood is constantly up and down and she always seems to have something to complain about. It doesn't piss me off or anything but sometimes I'm just like REALLY? girl REALLY? can't you just be fine for more than a day? I believe it to be an absolutely calm relationship. For aslong as both parties continue to be fully supportive of the relationship itself. I connect so deeply with her T (much more than any other type) and she tends to bring me out of my shell and stop me from acting like too much of an introverted twat. Sort of like I'm fine to meet her in the middle and I don't feel like I've been whipped into being Mr. Nice but I'm putting the right amount of care into it all. You guys come off as being naturally flirty to everyone you encounter but it's not really your fault. To me, as long as we don't get insecure about that fact everything is A-OK. It's so hard for one of us to run into one of you but I like your husband got lucky.
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