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Thanks to everyone who posted!!

I just don't find it very useful in daily life. Im certaintly not saying that it's not, just probably not for me.
I think everyone is ruled by their own goals,interests,motivations and MBTI just doesn't "fit" for mine.
I believe you have to follow your own reasoning above all else(not because it's better, but because of the reasons I stated above) and this seems to me the only logical way to continue on my journey. (Not sure why I am posting this, I probably just feel like communicating what I think..must be the E in me. haha)

I wish everyone the best! Thanks again.
Man I got really sappy. maybe I'm a feeling type? or maybe I just don't understand MBTI. As you can see my interest for MBTI is still high and will probably become my new "obsession". No worries though, being an ENTP, I know it won't last long!
You should check out how the way we use our brain hemispheres models our personality.

It's quite interesting.

In the end it's nature + nurture.