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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    Sorry, I thought I had impleid that, though I suppose conmen are good at puttng together answers that are neat, well packaged bullshit.
    Defined because I love convenience in all aspects of life dearly, just not when it comes at the price of truth or what is right, etc.
    Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

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    I am certainly one of those INTPs who does not like authority. In fact, I will not follow any order but my own. Naturally, I will often decide to do things that other people want me to, but it is definitely not their orders that are the cause. When asked to do things, however, I will usually do them, even if I don't really want to. For instance, my mother told me to make dinner about a week ago, to which I replied, "No." Today, my mother asked me if I would please make dinner, and I happily obliged. It should be noted that I still live with my mom because I'm 18 and in high school. My age probably also has something to do with my rebelliousness.

    I am vehemently against the institution of organized religion. It's because of the strong emphasis on blind obedience, which should never ever be allowed a place in society.

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    The only type of authority I would respect would have to prove itself to me first.
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