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Is it normal for an 18 yr old INTP to be extremely pre-occupid with finding a girlfriend?
I'd say it could depend on two factors; if he's a typical INTP that's either a loner or a has a close group of 2-3 friends, then the pre-occupation is abnormal and he might be more of an INxP or INFP. But if he finds himself in any kind of medium or large social group, the peer pressure for INTPs for go along with the norms is felt much harder.

As an INTP that was like that, I always felt pressure to be regularly dating or have a GF all throughout middle and high school. I only had one long-term GF in high school, while all my friends were much more active in chasing girls. So if he has a somewhat normal social life he might be just pre-occupied with fitting in. idk, just my take. But then again I did have some big crushes back in school... I mean, we're INTPs, fully human, not android INTJs.