I met this gorgeous girl a little while back and from what i've observed i say she is ENTJ. So i told her how i was into her since i first met her and she flirted back and said i was cute and this was the first time i communicated the fact that i liked her after talking to her as a friend the whole time. She is a bit younger than me so im guessing i'm more experienced than she is but she is girlfriend material, i couldn't find a girl like her easily

Basically she is an enigma to me and i want to know what entj women are into. I feel like my flirting skills suck when im talking to her because previous girlfriends were usually feelers. Biggest difference ive seen is F types usually come out and ask and talk about stuff, which makes things smoother and easier, but this girl won't really tell you much unless you ask her, so i feel like i have to keep impressing her; although she has a fun sense of humor

Would she be turned off if i called her everyday? would she like it? should i be aggressive/persistent? I need some advice for entj women about how and what you would like a man to communicate in the beginning stages of getting know someone you like

Also do you enjoy talking on the phone with a guy and what do you like to talk about?