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    Quote Originally Posted by shortnsweet View Post
    Actually, I don't normally panic in emergencies. There was one car accident where my car went on it's left two wheels on the highway and I flew back and forth at 75 mph and landed in a ditch. (After a little piece of tire or rubber or something came out of the back of the pickup in front of me and caught my wheel.) That was the first out of body experience I've ever had, though I didn't identify it as a panic attack because I obviously had other things on my mind. Shortly thereafter I went into a fairly stressful time in my life, and I woke up in the middle of the night feeling frozen and numb, (as if my blood stopped flowing). Dissociated from my body and blacked out. Lots of chest and abdominal pain and it felt as if my throat was closed off. So that was my first identified panic attack, and ever since then, my brain can still access the panic mode. Usually it's when I'm just watching TV or sleeping though. In more acute situations, i'm actually quite calm. It's weird.
    I relate to this too. I think my panic attacks may have begun after a series of car accidents, in none of which I was seriously injured, but in the first I was hit in the driver's side (while I was driving) and my car was totaled, and I was also in a car that flipped over on the hood and back on to the tires, and luckily I was wearing a seat belt. This probably ties into my phobias of pretty much anything car related - accidents, mac trucks getting too close, et al. I was also almost hit by a car as a pedestrian in Las Vegas, and I jumped up on their hood instead of being knocked to the ground (another example of how well I handle a real emergency.)

    Yet another panicky FP becoming clear headed when it comes down to "acute situations."

    Right on. This is so interesting.

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    I don't know that I've ever *panicked*... as others have mentioned, the times that I have felt most alarmed about something - i.e. physical danger - are also when I know I must keep it cool and be totally in the moment, dealing with it because there's nothing else to do but deal. A recent example was driving over the mountain passes last November, and the roads were covered in slush/ice, some precipitation was coming down, there was poor traction, there was a dropoff down the side of the mountain on my side of the road, and other cars flying past me in the other lane, which I couldn't really comprehend because the roads were crap and I was also worried that the other drivers' idiocy would be the cause of me being pushed off the road down the mountain. I really, really felt at that moment that I had entered at least a 10% chance of death scenario, which was very nerve-wracking for me.

    The other physical safety thing was when I was hiking on my own last year and a few miles in thought I saw a mountain lion cross the path a hundred feet or so in front of me. For the next couple of miles I was totally on edge and constantly scanning around me, holding a rock in my hand in case I saw something. (yes, I know, totally feeble and lame but what else was I to do in that situation, other than not having been on my own in the first place, which was a moot point by that point? lol)

    Generally speaking though I tend to just get anxious about various things - social anxiety, especially in groups, although 1:1 I tend to be ok. And more long-range things sometimes, although it isn't deeply engrained or 'panic' at all -- I just occasionally wonder whether I'll have enough income and such in my older age, to be able to survive without dying on the street or something, particularly if I don't have family or a sig. other. Also, 'worry' about what the world is going to be like years from now, as well as decades from now - will any of my current ways and means even be applicable by that point? Will the world have changed so completely that what I'm preparing for right now is totally worthless by that point? I become concerned sometimes about water shortages. Or what will happen when there are no longer fossil fuels (all tied to the world as we know it having to be turned upside down into something new as a result) Various things like that. But again, not panic, more just.. things I become concerned about every now and then.
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    Definitely don't usually panic, but when I do, it's just awful. I say and do things that just make no sense in any context. I mean I haven't been in any life-threatening situations, but I used to panic when talking to pretty girls. I've gotten better at it, but if I say something wrong, my reflex is still to say ridiculous things, and that only makes the situation worse.

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