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    Default Fascinating story of INTP and ENTP power team / pioneers

    John Carmack (reclusive programming genius, obvious INTP) and John Romaro (designer with entrepreneur and business sense, ENTP)

    Inventors of First Person Shooters.

    Made the games Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake. Pioneered the most popular and lucrative form of video games.. online multiplayer.

    Part 1
    id Software Part 1: Scrolling Around - YouTube
    Part 2
    id Software Part 2: The Third Dimension - YouTube
    Part 3
    id Software Part 3: The Game That Stopped The World - YouTube
    Part 4
    id Software Part 4: Aftershocks - YouTube

    Here you'll see some distinct differences between INTP and ENTP.

    The INTP is the serious, mastermind...eccentric antisocial genius working behind the scenes building the architecture of the games.
    The ENTP is playful, expansive, the "idea guy", creative genius with a keen business sense and nose for entrepreneurship.

    What you see is Ti/Ne versus Ne/Ti. Very similar yet very different at the same time. The INTP John Carmack is ultimately the only one that is stick with iD software and set to release a new blockbuster game this year. He stuck to his guns, and quietly mastered his craft. The ENTP got sidetracked with other stuff, always wanted to do something "new" and faded into oblivion.

    You'll also see the NT way of being utilitarian and breaking rules. "Borrowing" their companies computers on the weekends to make games on them.

    You'll also see the NT need for autonomy and power. Breaking free of that first company and wanting to make their own games.

    They also pioneered the entire idea of making a "game engine" (NTP's have a reputation as engineers) and then selling it off to other companies. This was huge, and games today like Call of Duty STILL use a modified version of the engine Carmack built back in the late 90's for Quake 3. Now in 2011, having a "game engine" is common and many different companies license them out.

    Even the name of their games are very NTP. Short, to the point, one word titles.

    also pioneered "gore" in video games. And took the concept of digital distribution to the next level.

    Video games - changed forever through the mind of two NTPs.
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    On the story-- very cool story on these people and how they revolutionized gaming, but just based on what I've seen so far, the types of these two are not so obvious.

    About the INTP/ENTP difference-- at the extremes this is a good description of the divide, but I don't think it's this simple for those of us closer to the middle who can switch between the eccentric behind-the-scenes mastermind and the playful idea person entrepreneur, so to speak. Maybe I'm being too picky about finding distinct differences.
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