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    I would like to be happily married, have an established and successful business, a boat, nice house, and a vacation home .
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    - having finally won against monthly changing regulations in german university administration and have my Master of Science
    - starting to work on a PhD in engineering after 10 years of joblife, maybe trieing to get a permament position at University (tho I hate University atm, maybe its better in 10 years)
    - alternatively: having founded a business or being in a responsible position on a project team
    - having completed the construction of my hobby cnc machine
    - earning money with the products from my cnc machine; had a new idea lately that was producing smaller spare parts for older automobiles, could be a market
    - having visited the States
    - having built or bought a house, maybe move to France or Canada (tho if I could win against my girlfriend it will be Italy or the U.S. )
    - having bought a Mercedes E 2.5 Evo 2
    - having founded a family
    - having learnt french
    - having made a master craftsman in mechatronics
    - having started work on the rocket launch pad for the warp-ship

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