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Thread: NTs and gadgets

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    It's definitly hard to motivate yourself longterm and I often have long phases of doing nothing in-between or I'ld have prolly achieved more things until today. Well... you maybe want to start on a project one day, just to check out what happens. Sometimes things are so captivating that you cant quit no more and work nightshifts. Especially soldering and understanding electrical circuits I find totally appealing and I learnt it from my grandpa who's an intp. Maybe intp's would like that aswell.

    Building a bow is definitly fine art, everybody who ever tried that would know what I am talking about ! Respect to your friend

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    Quote Originally Posted by PH. View Post
    As an Interactive Media student I quite love gadgets. It's a shame that those apple things are just way too expensive. To be honest, the time we are in the gadgets aren't really functional yet. They're just fun and cool to have. I could say we're in an early state of gadgets still.

    Imagine how in the future those gadgets could really be usefull. What about a refridgerator which knows how much milk you use in one week, and calculates when he needs to order you some new milk so you'd never run out of it. Or an alarm clock which knows the temperature outside and wakes you five minutes earlier because you need to scrape your car windows. That would be awesome, wouldn't it?

    Two weeks ago it was an assignment to take apart a computer mouse and put it to a use other than.. a computer mouse. We would solder.. a thingy to it so we could make contact (or "click" the button) from a distance. It had to be usb mouses so we could program stuff to the clicking of the button. You could make a square appear on your screen or stuff like that. I can say it was truly awesome and it was one of my most favourite lessons I had this year

    Just talking about this stuff makes me want to take more mouses and keyboards apart to make other usefull gadgets of them xD
    Like switching out the lights or registering someone at your door.

    (No, I don't own a smartphone )
    Sounds like you know exactly what I'm talking about. Or I know exactly what you're talking about. Or both.

    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    All things I do have in common that I want to build them myself completly from scratch. When my cnc machine is finished, I'll be even able to mill electrical raw boards and then only need to buy the components and solder them. It's my dream to be independant like that one day, I'ld even like to build my own house completly independant and on my own, it makes me not only feel great that I have accomplished something but also gives me some sort of comfort and security.
    I also have a goal/dream on building my own house. In my spare time sometimes I like to study different blueprints. Get an idea of how houses are put together so I can synthesize my own one day.

    I also have always had this fantasy where I go out into the woods on my own and build a life for myself in the wilderness. Learn how to build my own shelter, survive, hunt, trap, etc. It's not "gadgets" per se, but it has the same feel. Innovation, I guess is what it is. Figuring out a system and working that system well.

    It's fun to grasp the basic concept how a few gadgets work and expand on that. When I was a kid I would try to build these handheld fans out of the information I learned from the potato lamp. Except with batteries, not a potato. But I think the big allure about gadgets is learning how they work so that you can make something different, but with similar properties. Like the Big Green Egg thing. Who's to say we can't adapt those for indoor use and cut down on oven energy expenditure? It would have to be different, but the technologies would be related.

    It's so cool. There's so much possibility. I get so excited about it!

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    Here's (IMO) a cool gadget I just happened to pass by in a window:

    [YOUTUBE=""]Medea Vodka on CBS[/YOUTUBE]

    though since we don't drink (and it's expensive), I would have no way of getting.
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