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    Default How do you measure success in buisness?

    I know I just posted a similar thread, but my questions in that one were geared more towards personal life success.

    This time, I'm curious to know how you would measure the success of a company? Let's say you are an entrepreneur and have just started up your own business.

    What would ultimately make that a successful business? How happy your employees were? How much money your company is able to make? How few conflicts you have to face? How smoothly the company runs from top to bottom?

    Anything else?

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    Viability regardless of economic climate. Start ups have to manage and monitor their burn rates very, very carefully.

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    You measure success in business by how it improves your personal life.

    I cannot understand how people can allow themselves to be tossed around like a rag doll taking orders from a big boss, living in fear because of lay-offs, and having to wake up every morning to go to work.

    I value freedom over a job.

    What would ultimately make that a successful business?

    "The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much more he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed."

    - Henry Ford

    Above all else, creating value. Not Wal-Mart style price slashing, but creating or being in the business of something that will improve people's lives and fulfill their wants and needs.

    And of course, years of experience and knowledge in business. You will fail many times, I did; it is a matter of endurance.

    How happy your employees were?

    Quite happy. Other than clerical and admin workers, most of them are either equity shareholders or on a commission-based salary. If the compensation structure is based on sharing the success, you can be sure they will be burning the midnight oil with a smile on their face.

    How much money your company is able to make?

    I own multiple companies. Will not disclose figures, but I can assure you I almost went bankrupt and lost my hat in the early years until everything became profitable.

    How few conflicts you have to face?

    How few? I eat problems for breakfast. I thrive on conflict. I need stress and tension, it gets the adrenalin pumping through my veins and forces me to stay on my toes.

    How smoothly the company runs from top to bottom?

    Smooth sailing is getting a job from 9-5, such thing is fantasy in business.

    Anything else?

    Do you want to drive a luxury car, take exotic vacations all over the world, live in your dream home, wake up when you want, go to sleep when you want, and do whatever it is your heart desires?

    Business will take you there, but good luck.
    got chaos?

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