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Thread: NT Spirituality

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    Karma Sutra and Cell-God Theory will do me just fine.
    Oh, its

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    I voted without reading the definition of "spiritual" in the thread. I'm not sure whether I qualify as being "spiritual" in that sense..

    I do consider myself spiritual because I actively try to be a good person. I fail..seeing as I don't know what a good person actually is..but I still try. I have no logical reason to try..besides it making me happier than the alternative(s)..but I don't understand why that would be the case. Typically, in every day life, if I've looked into something and found no logic, no reason, I'd dismiss it as irrelevant to my life. Just an urge that needs to be controlled. However, in this regard, despite there being no logic, or reason, or understanding, I choose to accept it as a valid part of my life..despite having no logical reason to.

    I'm not even sure what "it" is...however I choose to act as if there is a solid reason for me to be living according to an ideology (which I have not defined, and arguably can't define)...despite knowing logically that I do not have a reason to do so.

    I also have a strong urge that my "it" is other people's "god" or "personal happiness" or whatever..I think it's the same concept over and over..manifested in different ways. So, although I don't think I'll ever know if I understand "god" as other people see it..I do think there is at least a chance that I do in fact understand god as other people experience it...despite being an atheist.

    I think such thoughts qualify me as spiritual in most people's eyes.

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    I do not believe in God or "entities" or "things". I think. The thing is... I believe in science. Everything is objective, except ourselves. We are the ones bringing subject and spirituality into the world, just by being. We make science a religion by interpreting it. Science (or the physical world) itself isn't a religion. I consider myself a phylosophical scientist. Viewing stuff from different point of views, because all the point of views are true, if they weren't true, they wouldn't exist. And with true I mean true in the subjective sense. Something objective can't be true, it just "is". What is true and what not is our input.

    In my vocabulaire spiritual means aknowledging there is something of a being. I'm only spiritual in the most abstract sense.

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