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    I was really addicted to ice chewing for years. I don't know if I would have pursued stopping except I started being around someone who really hated it and told me, all the time. I was unable to avoid the person and started waiting for my ice till I got home. Then started forgetting to buy the good ice on the way home, then got too lazy to go back out for it... I eventually just forgot about it. So, I didn't really kick the habit, it just wound down. I had to have 3 open face s'mores for my snack at night for a really long time too. That just wound down too when I started eating better and better. I guess I have issues focusing on my addictions. Ha Ha. I am currently hooked on Starbucks, which is bad because very 'spensive. I hope it goes away too.

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    Caffeine is a bitch

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    I'm addicted to information.

    I can get addicted to certian videogames and books. I need to finish them, and I can't do anything else until I'm done (which is usually is when I become disinterested, not when I actually when I've finished the book/game...). The internet is pretty addictive, but I tend to use it as more of a procrastination tool. I try to avoid things like achohol, tobaco and drugs, since I'm not sure I'll be able to stop once I get started. My family has had a bad history with addictions. Overall, I don't think addictions are MBTI type specific.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat_Cloud View Post
    Overall, I don't think addictions are MBTI type specific.
    Nor do I.

    I don't have any addictions, really. I struggle a bit with hypochondria, so maybe I'm addicted to freaking out about my health.

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    I think anyone of anytype can have an addictive personality. But I would say there are definitely people more prone to addiction then others. I would say I have a very addictive personality. i love my coffee too, thats the only thing im still on/ indulging in haha. I used to smoke alot and take alot of opioid pills like codeine. I've had some issues with alcohol and generally i dont drink because my personality is terrible around any altering substance. I do eat mainly vegetarian foods and do meditation sometimes yoga if i need to re-focus bad energy away. Umm ive never talked about this before my parents and brother doesnt even know. My family has a serious addiction problem and depression. I dont think im depressed but very anxious and i used to cut or self harm alot for like 8 years sooooooooo there definitely is addictive personalities and being aware of this is a good step in a healthy life if you want it.

    I decided i couldnt hit rock bottom and im also really self judgemental so maybe the J thing is true. But I've cleaned up and i write poetry and paint soooo anything besides the numbing control is good for me.

    With regards to triggering of kinds i would say being with a group of people i dont feel comfortable in.. now its better i just enjoy the 10-30 min awkwardness and i feel proud of enduring it. where a few years ago id drink myself into a stuper or go run and cut or something. just to control my emotions soo no one would see how much i hurt and felt. i think they thought i was a robot... i did too haha. ( i can laugh now)
    the opioids where my secret no one knows i would do it mainly in serious downers and just alot of self hate but that only lasted for 6 months and luckily it didnt get too scary and out of control soooo

    My dad really has shown me that you can leave all the numbing behind and start fresh and live freely and not to be afraid to feel and love and cry. dealing with them and showing them is more important and more strong then hiding them and destroying yourself in the process.

    Now i dont know if its my personality of judging myself and always overanalyzing it both ways into neg situations and overanalyzing myself into an epiphany and rehabilitation but whatever im so happy i got out of my head a bit to share my life with my family again and show people i do feel and i feel alot and its important.

    thats alot of ramble hahah welcome to my group confession hahaha "my name is..." "heyy...." hahahha but in all seriousness meetings help too when you need it and sometimes just when others need it.

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    also to make it clear i dont know if i make sense sometimes but
    my addictive behaviours, drugs, cutting , food( sometimes)
    where done in my home privately i wouldnt ever do this in public or anything
    alcohol was probably the main reason i stopped, everyone could see the effect and see how sad i really was and i hated it.

    i generally did all this because i hated myself alot or i couldnt find a way to show how ifelt or i sometimes didnt want to. addictions arent always clear cut and categorized soo

    also i think if you have an addictive personality it can apply to anything i used to try and masturbate to prolong or ward off using drugs or cutting sooo i literally tried many a terrible way to avoid feeling my feelings and avoid crying which i thought was childish and i learned not dealing with them directly is more weak and not at all who i want to be soo

    this is personal but im gay im still trying to deal with myself and my love interests and life but my family member asked when drunk why i was so sad and why i hated myself so much that i hung out with terrible friends who disrespect me and put me down. friends who lie behind my back and why i couldnt show how i really felt. they said they dont care as long as im happy truly and then they are. it made me cry for the first time in public in 4 years, it was a blow to my stomach an epiphany and i decided ever since then never to return to numbing and self hate..

    sooo anyone who is reading this and has some issues it can get better and i did want it. i still struggle or desire to numb the pain and the emotions but i always deal with it expressively or externally now eventually.. and it does help. if anyone needs help or wants to chat or whatever about this feel free to chat i dont mind, it helps everyone.

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    I dunno if I would qualify things as addictions so to speak, but I must have soda daily (with or w/o caffeine). I like Diet MT. dew in the am and Pepsi max/coke zero/generic cola/other in the eve. I just love carbonated drinks. I have kinda been addicted to some video games & internet and obsessed with different hobbies, but it's almost like I just immerse myself in whatever I enjoy (1. as an escape, 2. to get it out of my system to the point where I can moderate the activity and balance it with my life.). I can suddenly just stop one day and lose interest for a period of time or indefinitely even. Sometimes my curiosity about a subject matter gets piqued and I stay up all night absorbing information and researching on the internet. I can't go long without chocolate, cookies or some sort of salty snacks (chips, doritios, cheese puffs etc) to satisfy my cravings. I guess Pepsico/Frito Lay has me by my balls.

    All that said, I have never tried any drugs, cigarettes and I can take or leave alcohol. I drink socially, but I rarely feel the need to have a "drink". TBH, I don't understand alcoholism. A few straight days of hangovers is enough for me to stop.
    Type 6w5 sp/so/sx I think..I have not fully explored this and just discovered it.

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    I have been addicted to everything you could be on one world. Just quitted smoking for 2 weeks after being a regular smoker for 10 years with over 30 cigs per day.

    Good thing is I have survived all unhealthy addictions and they wont come back now. I know am only a forum addict still.

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    entropie, yay!! kicking addictions is so hard so forum addicitions are a okay haha the only thing i love is coffee and diet coke now and usually only when im in school, but yeah i wanna give like an internet high five and also i think its great you shared that, i dont feel so alone now haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    I have been addicted to everything you could be on one world. Just quitted smoking for 2 weeks after being a regular smoker for 10 years with over 30 cigs per day.

    Good thing is I have survived all unhealthy addictions and they wont come back now. I know am only a forum addict still.
    That is awesome!
    "The views of absolutists and purists everywhere should be noted in fierce detail, then meticulously and thoroughly printed onto my toilet paper ply."

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