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    Apparently this guy has never had a serious relationship in his life. This is an epic lost cause. I will have more luck training dolphins to growl.
    With dreamers, pure and simple, the imagination remains a vaguely sketched inner affair. It is not embodied in any aesthetic or practical invention. Reverie is the equivalent of weak desires. Dreamers are the aboulics of the creative imagination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatsWhatHeSaid View Post
    When I like you, I act like a complete fucking moron. I try to impress you, my jokes aren't funny, and I'm really really self-conscious.
    What I don't like you, I'm interminably charming. I don't try, my jokes are hilarious, and I'm too smooth to realize it.
    That's how you tell the difference.
    Thats probably the best explanation ive seen in this thread yet

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    It seems like a distorted self perception...or is it?

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