Time appears something close to infinity in our perception, so I was thinking about this:

How much did humanity live up until now?

Let's assume the average lifespan of a human being is 60 years, then 2000 years is 33 consecutive human lives. (of people living right now)
From what we know right now, the homo sapiens originated in Africa, 200 000 years ago.
How much is 200 000 years? 3333 consecutive human lives (that live 60 years), 13333 consecutive human lives (that live 15 years)

I think 15 years is a pretty accurate lifespan for 200 000 years, so 13 333 people have experienced the time of our existence (as people living in different periods of time), which is really not that much.

It is estimated that dinosaurs have lived for about 165 million years, till they all starved to death because they were so fucking big. And who knows what existed before dinosaurs?!

Assume that humanity will outlive the dinosaurs, let's say we'll live for 800 million years, imagine how life will be then, how much we will know, discover and explore, and how much our biology will change.

(assuming we don't kill off one another in the close future)

We seem to be earth's most evolved progeniture up until now, will we be the first to leave it and explore space, or end up like the other species.

So how do you think life will be 800 million years from now?