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    Post magical forcefield?

    Guys have never liked me or at least have never indicated that they do aside from the occasional "hot bod" and I was wondering if any other female ENTPs (or other nts)have noticed this trend or if it is a personal problem. I've never really had any male friends or at least any close ones, and I was raised by women so... Any thoughts?

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    Perhaps you only think they don't like you.

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    The only guy who ever actively expressed interest in me in high school did so only after he had confirmed through my friends that I would not turn him down. It may be that your natural NT confidence and/or intelligence is intimidating to some guys - I'm quite a strong introvert, but I've been told that this was still the case for me - rather than guys not liking you. That of course isn't a suggestion to change or suppress who you are, I've just found that to be the case for myself and a couple of other female Ts/NTs I've known, and it means that sometimes you may just need to take the active role of expressing interest to get things going.

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