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    I was in a LDR and it was fine because we made the decision, before we started the actual commitment, that this would only be for a finite amount of time. I don't mind the distance as long as I know it won't always be that way, and that we have a plan in place.

    I get extremely impatient when I want something. If I know there is a firm date, that quells a lot of the urgency and I can handle it. Until that decision is made though, consider me interested but uncommitted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thegirlcandance View Post
    I have a question for the ENTPs out there:

    I know that you guys with your dominant Ne have many different thoughts and ideas going through your busy minds. I also know that you guys come off as flirts quite easily and perhaps be seen by others as perhaps a "player" even though you're not. You just like to explore.

    So my question is (and I guess this could be more directed to ENTP males, but females are free to give their opinions as well): If you knew a girl that you had hung out with a few times, were initially very attracted to her and interested (could not take eyes off of her), and you lived in another state with work at the time... would you go forth to try ANYTHING to be with her despite the obstacles?

    I'm not really expecting a yes or no answer because there are many different factors that can take play, but I just want to see how ENTPs respond given that I know how much you guys like to be free and not grow up too fast.
    I'll be moving to another country, part of the reason is my girlfriend.
    I, like fair when it comes to people I care about. So as long as I do actually actively care ( even when they're not in front of my eyes) and the price tag isn't something that goes against who I am (say to move to a place with crazy religious people, or a horrible, horrible, isolated village.. in the mountains ) I'd be willing to try.
    The whole 'try anything' isn't really adapted, I'd say 'try to fit them into my life', especially if they have a real positive impact on my excruciatingly slow blossomingcompulsive carefree data hunter gatherer lifestyle (you'll see, I'll be a cool flower and you'll all be JEALOUS!)
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    Yes. You have nothing to lose, Nothing.

    Talk to her, and the distance might even be a draw..I mean relationships are push pull attraction forces going on..and the distance factor might...she might see it as a pull.

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    I've never entertained a serious long distance relationship, and would probably think it's not the best idea with an ENTP. I told one girl that we weren't staying formally together; if there's no commitment or expectation then no hard feelings or disappointment and if we meet up down the road or end up staying in touch better than expected we could revisit our relationship at that time without any resentment or whatever. That didn't happen, of course, but at least she's not out there thinking I did hr r wrong somehow.
    Not that it can't work, but in my experience as a male ENTP it's asking for trouble. I hate getting pointless phone calls to just talk about nothing, especially when they've got that feeling of expectation. I don't find people's daily humdrum entertaining, so when you call me on your drive home to say nothing and I end up listening to a play by play of traffic it pisses me off. My time is valuable to me and I'm right in the middle of thinking about some shit....
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    I have an ENTP male friend, whom I met during my divorce. Nothing romantic happened between us, but when we started talking, we just knew we got along on a deeper level, and we're both so accepting of each other's quirks. He lived about 1.5 hours away and we were talking everyday for a month and then he decided to drive down to help me clean up my apartment because I had been depressed about my life event. He understood me, as he went through a very rough depressing time in his life a year previous before he met me. His mom died, and his fiancée left him, so he had an inkling about what was going on inside me. He helped me cleaned my apartment for 6 hours straight!! He gave me encouragement and after he helped me reorganize my living space, he went over to visit one of his friends who lived close by me. Before he left, he hugged me and said, "You're a very nice girl. You're kind. It's only a matter of time." Anyway, we stayed friends, and we're still friends now, just not as close like before he met his wife. When he met his wife, he had only been talking to her for a few days. She was a cousin of one of his friends who was visiting. But after he met her, he immediately rang me up and told me, "I think I just met my wife!!" I believed him and I was really happy for him.

    I think ENTP have the extroverted intuition that kicks in and pushes them to take a lot of chances. I felt the most undesirable jolt when I first saw the one I'd marry. I never felt that strongly with anyone after him. Not by a long shot. Sometimes you just know.

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