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Thread: Sport & The NT

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimrckhnd View Post
    I was strictly a rhythym climber and dreaded things like 12% grades if it was a long climb: all I could do is find a cadence and gear selection that worked and hang on. On the other hand I loved it when conditions were awful: cross winds, cold, rain - my meat and drink. I think I should have been born in Belgium !

    But are correct - there is a real feeling of accomplishment on a day full of hard climbs. It isn't so much about how fast you get up as it is knowing you climbed as well as you could. Then you get those magical days were you do really well, when mind and body are both in top form.

    One of the greatest feelings in the world.
    Oh, don't get me wrong - I hate climbing. If I were to specialise, I would go for sprinting or time trials without a doubt!
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    [*] Do you play any sport? If so, which one(s)?

    ...zumba...I've also played football and tennis

    [*] Why do you enjoy it/them? What is the feeling or quality you most enjoy?

    The instructor is awesome, she doesn't instruct (she literally doesn't speak to us, in part because of the language I think)...she just really enjoys dancing and she tries out a lot of different things, I think her zumba style is heavily hip-hop infused...I enjoy the thrill of moving in sync with music. I like how when I look at myself in the mirror I will do things right instinctively. Mastering the moves provides a challenge, you're instinctively aware of your body, you want to embody the music, or whatever feeling it inspires in you. It gives me energy.

    [*] In general, do you prefer indvidual- or team-based sports?


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    INTJs are not known to be physical, but the queer fact is the most sporty (not athletic, not acrobatic) NTs I've seen are INTJs, not ENTXs. I think it's their will power that makes them successful in sports.

    *Visualizes Haight playing football.*

    *Fails miserably.*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adasta View Post
    Oh, don't get me wrong - I hate climbing. If I were to specialise, I would go for sprinting or time trials without a doubt!
    I hear you. My favorite discipline was time trial. My sprint was okay - but I did a nice lead out on flater races: if I could make the break I could always really wind it up in the final few Ks.

    Climbing was a matter of hanging on by my fingernails and trying to catch back on in the descent.
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    1. I played soccer for a long time. At a school game, in the middle of the neighborhood street, whatever. I loved soccer. I did martial arts for a while as well, and was fairly good at that.

    2. I love the single-minded intensity that comes from focusing and strategizing on nothing but the fight or the game. Action, reaction, and watching myself improve at things that I was once awful at was also an attraction.

    3. I don't have a real preference between team and individual. It just depends on my mood.
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    Wow. So much for the stereotype about clumsy/uncoordinated NTs!
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