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Thread: Who are you?

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    I'm often labelled with titles like "theorist", "logician", sometimes "science-obsessed",(and an ISTJ friend said to me he would vote for me in the abiturzeitung in the category "Freak" ^^), and in fact, this three are the words which imho are closest to how I see myself. I'm interested in a wide variety of topics, I would never identify myself with one of them, but I will never be able to stop to logically analyze everything, that's characterizing me - at least partly. But one word, completely describing myself? No.
    They say I only think in form of crunching numbers.....
    -Fall Out Boy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluxkom View Post
    When I talk to people they tell me things like:
    I'm a writer.
    I'm an actor.
    I'm a photographer.
    I'm a programmer.
    I'm a lawyer.

    I for myself can't answer the question. I'm just me. I could do any of the above and never truly consider it my calling.
    So who am I?

    Is this Ne related?
    Sometimes I wish I would not be able to think about stuff like this.
    Quote Originally Posted by guesswho View Post
    When I read the first lines in your post I first thing that came into my mind was "he must be ENTP" lol.
    I asked myself the same questions, I don't know some people follow these constant trajectories in life, and it's so easy for them them to define themselves, why is it so fucking easy???!!! I have no idea.

    I talked to this guy in a bus 6 months ago, and he said that he knew he wanted to be a cop, long since he applied to the Academy. It was his purpose and he followed it. He was quite STJ.

    But for's hard to define what I want with all the constant chaos around me.
    I cannot find a job label to just stick it on my forehead and be happy since I now have a specific place in society.

    I think it's the same for most ENTPs .
    I dont think it's our job that defines us and I dont think we'll find an answer in reality at all. I am literally envious about people doing a straight career but no matter how hard I am concentrating on a thing it just never works like it does for others.

    I have given up on seeing a potential benefit behind the things I do, like "Well it took me 2 more years to finish University but I gathered a lot of social experience". That's just not what will make you happy. Facing the present moment and enjoying who you are in that moment will be what will make you happy. It is recalling the past and to see what you have accomplished and I dont mean University degrees, I mean the moments you did the right thing in life and people appreciated you for doing so. The moments when you felt good and when you felt like the world can end now because you are the happiest person alive right now.

    Of course there is no entp who ever felt like that, but that exactly is the problem.


    There's the socionics definition, which categorizes the entp into a logical subtype and an intuitive subtype. The entp type is called The Seeker and that is exactly what they are. While the logical subtype has a masterplan of his achievements laied out right before him, it's easy for him to enlighten his own mood. The intuitive subtype rather only thinks in the moment and tends to asses himself way more dramatic than he actually is. While the intuitive subtype changes personality and his view on the world on a daily basis, the logical subtype can loose the sense to wonder. And since I am an intuitive subtype by all means, never loose your sense to wonder.

    I dont think it will ever end for us being unhappy with the current situation or searching for who we are. But I learned that I dont know everything and that the key elements to become happy in life are sometimes hidden behind the most simplest things you'ld have never thought about did emotionally affect you. I am a very empathic and emotionally reactive person, it takes me 10 nanoseconds to adapt to the mood of my environment and I always had the impression of myself that I am at any giuven time in full rational control over myself. This is what teachers call, a subsequent fault in judgement and hadnt I met a person in life, who is much much better in tune and has a deeper understanding of human emotions than I ever could have; I think I'd become very depressive.

    This's an impression from my life, it has no thesis and holds no judgement, it's just an observation, a feeling experience. I for myself am on the quest to achieve wisdom in my life, to climb the highest mountain of understanding there is, but I know I cant do it with my mind alone. I need to understand the heart aswell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    I dont think it's our job that defines us and I dont think we'll find an answer in reality at all.
    That's the thing if the people around you are looking for the answer in reality, you are inclined to do so yourself.

    A concrete answer which you can touch and feel, constant and certain, but when you change so much so often what will be left...what will remain constant...nothing but the journey itself, the path to discovery that never ends...the illusion of one final unchangeable answer, yet once you have it you realize it was the journey that mattered. And so the all important answer gets dry because it isn't exciting, being abandoned for a new one with more meaning.

    And you can look back at all the achieved answers, and ask yourself which one defines you, which one suits you best, but I guess you just have to look forward at the long road ahead, as your essence lies in it.

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    I don't know how to answer that question either. Whenever I gather a new piece of information or experience a new "thing" (doesn't that happen all the time?), I am no longer who I was before that event. So then how can I define myself? Besides, I wouldn't know how to define myself. People have so many facets being that summing them up would be near impossible.

    Edit: There's always a common denominator however. The search for answers. So if someone asks me such a question, I might reply "a seeker". In fact, that's why I chose my username. I fancy myself to be a seeker of the stone.

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    I'd probably end up saying "describable" if someone asked me that question.

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    I hate when people say that stuff. I always start to break them down. Mocking them. On the verge of yelling "I DON'T CARE."
    I'm a writer. ("Pretentious.")
    I'm an actor. ("Oh! Pay attention to me!")
    I'm a photographer. ("Zzzz.")
    I'm a programmer. ("This would be impressive before everyone owned a computer.")
    I'm a lawyer. ("Douche.")
    Not that everyone who has these jobs is this way. Just how most of the people i have met act. Oh and i hate people, just as a general rule.
    I think people have to get to know one another, not just ask for trivial information.

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    I’m Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, I was born in 1518 in the village of Glenfinnan on the shores of Loch Shiel. And I am immortal.

    Please provide feedback on my Nohari and Johari Window by clicking here: Nohari/Johari

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    I am a travelling shadow which appears visible during the day and dissapears during the night and I agree with entropie and guesswho.

    Life is the thing we cannot define because as we get closer and closer to defining it we lose touch and we start all over again.

    There is a painting where a mans finger and the finger of god almost touch each other. That is how close we come to defining our lives.

    Another thing is that in order to value life to its fullest we have to live life to its fullest on the edges of mortality. We usually trade in pieces of our soul in the process. This pieces are lost forever but the experience of touching something new will remain with us like touching a piece of burning metal.

    Sometimes life is a line that progresses a little forward only turn fastly in the other direction like a planets eternal voyage in a galaxy circling other stars and planets locked by gravity and bound by time.

    Ultimately we have to realize that our souls do not belong to us and are given to us for a small amount of time only to be returned at death.

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    I know exactly who I am and always have.

    The problem I tend to have is with who I am 'supposed' to be. That's when shit starts hitting the fan.
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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