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    Quote Originally Posted by Biaxident View Post
    Pretty much.

    But generally my hunches prove correct.
    You need to hang around different people then

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Poki_ View Post
    You need to hang around different people then
    Doesn't matter. It even works with strangers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guesswho View Post
    So a hunch may appear like this:
    But in fact it's like this:

    Or that's just the conscious/ unconscious mind.

    Obviously somebody had thought of this before. Or it is possible that I read the conscious/unconscious mind looks like an iceberg, and forgot about it. ( actually now that I think better about it I have read something that contained this example : )) )
    Interesting how we experience a ton of stuff, and then forget it, or remember only the essence, the rest being thrown away in some dark corner of our minds. And we may dream things long forgotten, I love those dreams. They're like the backdoor to the unconscious. Most memories have specific coordinates, those which we can recall, but the forgotten ones are the exact opposite. Fragments of them being projected in the dreams, in a random order.

    I'd listen to people's dreams all day, just to make some sense of them.

    Of course, I think you may already know that lol. But I can't help jumping from one idea to the other.

    Have you read anything from Freud or Jung? I've only read crappy Romanian translations.
    That looks like a good illustration of what I meant. I was speaking as aTi/Ne who has never knowingly had an experience of premonition and is very skeptical about those but who grew up as the daughter of a psychoanalyst (a former medical doctor but - by personality - much closer to the ethereal side than blood and bones) who often talked about the powers of the unconscious. As a biologist my mum has always been skeptical about psychology, she is always looking for the neurological aspects and evolutionary roots of certain phenomena. So I grew up exposed to those two world views.

    As I said, Guesswho and I share the same functions, so I thought this might get closer to what he might experience and I was referring to hunches, not premonitions. I can´t speak for Ni. I don´t know what it feels like for you guys. As a general rule, I am extremely skeptical about anything that reeks of the paranormal. So when people tell me "I thought of my Granny and she called me that very moment" I usually think "Why, in all those years it would be extraordinary if she didn´t at some point or other". People tend to underestimate chance in my opinion.
    But maybe we are talking about the same thing in different languages.

    And talking languages. Since my native language is the native language of Freud and Jung and Adler and a bunch of others, yes, I have read the original. Well, only a few pages of Adler, a few essays by Jung and a few books by Freud because he is actually a good writer. I started reading him in my free time at college, but it was triggered by my dad's recommendation when I was much younger. He used to admire Freud's elegant use of the German language.
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