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Thanks, everyone. I'm going to do that little bullet point exercise. And also spend some time thinking about what NTs and NFs are doing dating at all. j/k It is starting to dawn on me how very different we are. I don't think there's any way to make it work without clear, concise communication on the NFs part + a bit of emotional stretching on the NTs part.

At the end of the day, if two people can't swing that they probably shouldn't be in a relationship anyway.
This is very true. I like mine served straight up. My ENFJ had a bit of trouble with that in the beginning, in fact, I think he assumed I was lying about. My suggestion was to put it in an email or for us to talk on the IM if things were emotionally charged or hard to communicate in any way. He thought this was the most hardhearted thing ever! However, he gave it a try and found it wasn't so bad and was much easier to get across what he wanted to say. On my end, I had to learn to put myself in his shoes and attempt to understand his feelings, etc. Everything is negotiable in my mind, we just needed another environment to negotiate in at times and we still use it to this day.