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I met one. I'm still totally like The point being I never truly thought I would, out here in the world, though rationally, i've certainly met more than enough of the population to hit the odds.

Actually, I've known her for awhile...just not very well. I haven't paid her any mind whatsoever, though I was beginning to suspect something was off because her eyes always seemed to indicate she wasn't quite in the room.

It took my bff ENTJ, who just so happened to sit at the right end of the table, in order to figure it out for me...they had a severely intuitive ("out there") conversation, and I couldn't be socially rude enough to excuse myself from my end of to join it.

Now, I've been going over all of our past interactions to help me figure out why I couldn't see her a mile off like I do with INFPs. Last night, she was watching another ENFJ in my group play me in chess; common among the sensor girls who, are like, too stupid to learn the game, but also interested in seeing something beyond them for a few minutes. She stayed for both games. The other give-away moment was when she made an "acknowledgment" sound when my opponent made a mistake that led me to near-victory (we stalemated twice--go figure, right?--once in his favor, and once in mine, based on who made the foolish mistake). I already had suspicions, and that particular one made me seriously wonder if there was a brain in that head of hers.

So, now I'm torn between intentionally creating a bridge, or just kind of standing back and studying her passively as though I don't know, and letting things run their course. Everybody is different, afterall, and typology or not, they get along with different people for different reasons. My chess opponent is the "dominant" ENFJ in the group, as he's older, and the group's musician...a talent which I'm only now developing myself. I'm curious to see if anything develops between them...even more interested to see if something were to develop between the ENTJ and her and be a sustainable relationship (I highly doubt it, but it's interesting to watch, nonetheless).

Meanwhile, I'm jazzercising my own Ti. --Fuzz
You sound a lot like my ex. Your thought processes are... frighteningly alike.