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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei View Post
    It's probably an introvert thing, though Tawanda's case is probably related to auditory or neurological issues rather than type. you should get that checked out babe.
    Or that everyone mumbles on the phone.
    Some words just sound very similar via phone calls.

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    I really dislike calling places and talking to people who I have not met before or are not on good terms with. For instance, I refuse call the doctor's office. As I am now in college, I had to find a way to still make appointments that could not be made via email -- my solution? My roommate!

    I just really despise phone calls, and will put off calling people back who I'm not very friendly with or pawn it off.
    However, with friends and loved ones or people I actually want to talk to, I'm sure I get quite abrasive because dammit if I call you, you better pick up or call back in a jiffy, Bahaha.

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    I hate the phone, too. The only time I prefer the phone is if I have something to tell you that's time sensitive and I'm too lazy to text it all out. Or if I know there will be follow up questions. Better to just get it out of the way.

    I have a few friends that I don't see very often who vastly prefer phone to email, and I just dread them calling because even though I like to hear from them, I know it's going to be at least an hour, and I know we're going to dredge up everything that's happened since the last time we talked, and it feels like blowing out a tire on the interstate when you were headed somewhere important. Time just stops, and you know you're stuck there for the forseeable future, so you might as well just settle in for a while, b/c you're not making it to where you were headed anytime soon. Phone people always have the worst timing.
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