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    Pah! We did not want you anyway...

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    Are you allowed to just change types at will?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Intermundia View Post
    Are you allowed to just change types at will?
    It's not that people actually change type frequently, it's that some people may be confused about their cognitive functions(like their dominant, aux, tert), or they may use the dichotomous sliding scales(from MBTI) to determine their type. Changing from INTJ to INTP is actually a HUGE jump because these types share zero functions in common even though they may appear very similar/have similar interests(like they're both generally nerd-ish types he he).

    INTPs lead with Ti and have Ne as kind of an exploratory attitude, Ti wants fine precision with ideas and the way they're expressed, highly fine tuning it's internal theoretical systems while Ni is more prespective shifting/amorphous with ideas, it probably finds Ti very limiting in it's quest for an all encompassing internal vision . Also Ne is what might give INTPs that "scatterbrained, absent-minded" vibe while Te is alot more focused on external implementation of ideas, so INTJs might have a more grounded, focused "pragmatic" demeanor compared to an INTP. Ne is out to gather as much interesting abstract information/ideas as possible, it's motivation is more pure curiousity than having any ideas actualized in IRL. Ti is also alot more depth based than Te so it goes alot deeper into understanding impersonal/logical ideas/information.

    So that J/P divide is a BIG ONE, perceivers and judgers differ alot more compared to the other preferences/dimensions
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