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There were about 3-4 places in that section that struck me as poorly enough written that they caused me to be unsure of what exactly the section was claiming...

If I'm correct in assuming that the writer was trying to say that INTJs tend to ask their discussion partners to painstakingly walk through their line of reasoning about a topic in order to clarify the line of reasoning/understanding/perspective their discussion partners are approaching a particular matter from, so that the INTJs can further dissect that line of reasoning/understanding/perspective, in order to explore/discover/show whether or how their discussion partner's line of reasoning/understanding/perspective doesn't necessarily contradict/disqualify/invalidate the line of reasoning/understanding/perspective that the INTJ is trying to explore, then yes, that is certainly true (at least of me, and I would assume of most INTJs).

It is also pretty easy to see how this can come off as pushy, as it would force the INTJ's discussion partner to painstakingly explain their line of reasoning/understanding/perspective (which many are wont to do), while appearing like the INTJ is arguing against their discussion partner's point of view (which, if we are actually doing this, we likely are).

It's related to our desire to see things through multiple perspectives: to keep an open mind to alternate possibilities; to not close our minds prematurely.

The other options are that we "bulldoze" you and/or just write you off as a stupid fucktard.

If we opt for the first of these three, we must think you actually have some hope.
Personally, I think this hits the nail on the head. My dad's an INTP and I'm a hybrid P/J - I find myself doing this a LOT and it drives him absolutely bonkers.