Your daughter sounds awesome. I really wish I knew her when I was 5 years old! I always wanted a play-mate with that level of intensity and energy while growing up -- people bored me, and often didn't go along with crazier schemes. I actually called on more than a few occasions my friends' parents to pick them up when I was bored with them because they wouldn't cooperate with my schemes. I totally did majority of what you mentioned your daughter doing. She's very lucky to have siblings to exert all that energy onto.

I think Kasper is right to suggest an energetic dog. I would also recommend signing her up for classes, depending on how old she is. I think dance classes (perhaps, jazz, or hip hop -- I'm serious!). Give her activities to think about and devise plans to execute which require her own mind, and physicality. It will occupy her in many ways that she can practice at any time, and intersperse with other activities like teaching her to channel her artistic side by showing her a picture of a famous painting. Tell her to copy it the best she can, or to draw it in a way that resembles it according to her imagination and then tell her that one day she will go see the actual painting (a goal to work towards in the most abstract sense is a good idea).

P.S. How old is she?