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    I was doing a project in school once where we had to create a video and I did a brainstorm, tried to narrow down the best idea and build the most brilliant and perfectly crafted short film ever. It didn't happen because nobody liked any of my ideas and wanted to go with something simple, unoriginal and boring. But if I had gone ahead with it, would that have been uncharacteristic INTP behaviour?
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    Doesn't wishing to acquire all knowledge mean to experience everything as well as learn it? Before we jump in (us INTP's) like to analyze what will happen when we actually experience and do. You have to be willing to get past the analyzation and test it with our extraverted functions. It is difficult because we do believe that we have experienced it because we went binary on it and think we've thought up every logical answer. We forget about the anomolies that occur when actually experiencing it. Ne isn't the best to experience things with as it's still ideas and ideal situations, but with this mind set it's what you have deal with, so as people have said we are careful, but if you get past the analytical barrier and test theories you should find yourself being quite similiar to at least more people than you were before.

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