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    Default A crazy ENTP Si question...

    So I was eating lunch with my entp best friend and we were both talking about being totally stressed out.

    The she started telling me that when she is really stressed, she will have an achey joint from running or working out, but she says she will get these really odd ideas that she might be dying of cancer or have a horrible disease.

    It pops into her head for a few seconds, she goes "damn, that is nuts" and just ignores it, but she was commenting on how odd it was.

    I agreed that yes, that sounded totally nuts but was hysterically funny. I explained that when I get stressed I color code paperclips and scrub the cracks in my ceramic tile with a toothbrush dipped in bleach so this might just be an in the grip inferior Si thing.

    Thoughts? Is she alone on this one?

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    No she is not alone.
    I get weird thoughts when I'm very stressed. But I must be very stressed. And having those thoughts stresses me even more.

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    Cool and I always thought I am only a drama queen

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