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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtual ghost View Post
    Different world ?
    In the sense that it's not merely an imagining of the unconscious mind, but a kind of realm where sleepers go; a realm where different laws apply. But it's possible, for instance, for two people to share the same dream, or to be directly contacted by another person or spiritual entity through a dream.

    And then there's the whole topic of the meaning of dreams - that they can be prophetic and so on. That doesn't imply being its own world, but it does seem like a kind of field in which the intangible dimensions of life are worked out through an experiential format.

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    The first thing that came in mind when reading this thread title is physical sensation. I do feel physical sensations in dreams, but they are usually dulled counterparts to the real-life thing. For example, if my arm was being sawed off, I'd just feel it like a pressure or a touch. I do feel the back-and-forth motion of the saw, though, and the sensation of it pressing and going through my arm.
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